Our association


Nandri – stands for security, a future and a home for „our“ children!

The actual idea to found Nandri Kinderhilfe e. V. goes back to the year 1998: At that time, Monika Gerbas visited the small Indian town of Mamallapuram to actually meet her sponsored child there. What she found was an orphanage housing 53 children in absolute poverty that needed any type of support urgently. So Monika Gerbas promised to support the orphanage also after her return to Germany, and built up a network from private initiative.

On 25 August 2005, Monika Gerbas together with dedicated friends from Frankfurt and Oberursel founded the association „Nandri Kinderhilfe e.V.“, an association supporting the needy children on a permanent basis, giving them a self-sufficient future worth living. In the meanwhile Nandri supports three different projects, whereby the focus is on the education of the children as well as the general improvement of living conditions there regarding nutrition, medical care and hygiene.

Up to the present day, Monika Gerbas herself travels to India at least once a year at her own expenses to make sure all donations are utilized in a responsible way, and to convince herself of the projects’ progress.