Your support


We are very grateful for your support and would like to thank you – also in the name of the sponsored children. Thanks to the fact that all members of our association work on a purely voluntary basis, 100 % of your donation actually reaches the projects in India.

How can you support us?

Any amount will help the children in Southeast-India – no matter whether it’s a once-only donation or a regular contribution. When you have something to celebrate – e.g. a special birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or a company event – why not think of “our children”?

Such donations help tremendously realize larger challenges such as building the urgently required hostel. At the moment, 100 boys live and sleep in classrooms that should be used for school purposes only. On request, we will always provide you or your guest with a thank-you note and a charitable donation certificate.

There is a number of children that still need sponsors. Another possibility would be to take over a project sponsorship in favor of educating children or supporting women in the tailoring institute. In this way the future of the projects can be secured for a long time.

We are grateful for any active or passive support for the benefit of the children. We would very much appreciate if you could support us with your ideas and input as a member.

Commodity contributions
We are also grateful for commodity contributions. Please view the current requirements list of our projects, and support us in a targeted way.