IMG_4452-300x225.jpgWelcome to the homepage of Nandri Kinderhilfe e.V! Since 1998, our non-profit association takes care of needy children in South-East India. In the region of Tamil Nadu, we support three different relief projects: an orphanage, a school, and a small tailoring institute, which gives disadvantaged women the opportunity to earn their own living. On the following pages you will find detailed information about us, our projects in India, and various options of how to support the children on their way into a more promising future.

Our Commitment
We are dedicated to our work, and the prudent and responsible handling of any donation is our highest priority. Nandri Kinderhilfe e.V. is a non-profit organization that uses all donations specifically and without exception for the designated purposes. This means, your money goes directly and without administrative costs to the children in need. All our members work on a voluntary basis.




Educational Training Fund for disadvantaged youths in India!

Progress in developing countries such as India is mainly happening in the large cities. In rural areas we still find illiteracy amongst the largest part of the population (so-called kulis). Only when the demand for well-educated employees in the cities has been satisfied, will any subsequent vacancies be filled with workers from rural areas, resulting in the development of decent working conditions for the rural population. As we are fully aware of this situation, we see access to school education, job training and university studies as absolutely vital for any change of living conditions for young people. Therefore, for us to invest in education on a long-term basis has priority in supporting children and youths in India. Another important part of our support is to supply the children with nourishing food and medical care. Only a well educated generation has the means to overcome poverty and exploitation, and lead an independant life.

So over the past years, we have started financing job educations or university studies of a few children who left school with excellent marks. We have already financed the training of four girls to become qualified nurses. These girls are now working in hospitals. Two boys have been trained as mechanics. They, too, have found good employment. One boy is training to become a carpenter, another one will start apprenticeship next year. This year we made it possible for two girls and two boys to study information technology and engineering (3-4 year university courses). Next year a bright boy with excellent grades wants to study aircraft engineering. Tuition fees for universities are extremely high in India, which makes it impossible for children from needy families to study at all. We wish to support children according to their abilities and talents, regardless of their family background. These costs exceed the amount of donations we receive. We therefore want to set up a specific Educational Training Fund. This Fund is going to be used only to pay for educational training fees. The students sponsored by us commit themselves by signed agreement to pay part of the money back when they are finished. In this way they help finance the studies for following students.

We are touched by the fact that almost all of our students want to support needy children and young people later in life, so that they, too, can earn their own living. In this way a seed is planted to support the following students. We are in regular contact with all our young students and look at their schools, school reports and learning progress. The young people appreciate the education they receive, and are ambitious and hardworking.

If you want to support these youths please use the following bank details: Taunus-Sparkasse Oberursel (bank code: 512 500 00), account no. 70 234 30, IBAN: DE 05512500000007023430, BIC/SWIFT-Code: HELADEF1TSK.

Please give “Educational Training Fund” as purpose, so we can use your donation for exactely this purpose. The children and youths will be grateful for your support in overcoming poverty and exploitation. For further information, please contact us.




Urgent! Current Requirements!

  • For the winter 2013/14 we are looking for two interns for to support our team at LITTLE FLOWER SCHOOL. If you are interested, please fill in the contact form on this website or contact me directly.

monika.gerbas(at)nandrikinderhilfe.de, Phone: 00496171 – 24354 or 00496171 – 959519