17.05.19, 12:39

Three months intensive Course on Sewing and dress making

Period of the course: November 2018 to February 2019
Date of Exam: 23.02.2019
Date of certificate award Function: 03.03.2019

There are lot of drawbacks for women to earn money to support their family income due to various reasons. Domestic chores, caring for young children and sending children to school are major setbacks for women to earn for their living. For such women sewing and dress making is a good vocational skill to earn some money to support the family income during their leisure time.

Nandri tailoring center was opened with an objective of imparting vocational skills to young unmarried and married women in a more flexible manner to suit the needs and timings of women. Initially, when the center was opened in 2017, the sewing course was very flexible and the students came according to their convenience and learnt stitching of blouses and other women’s wear. Later a formal three months course and a special curriculum was developed based on the past experience of the tailoring center.

A  three months intensive course (14 week package  with 18 hours in a week) comprising of basic stitching, pattern cutting and stitching of children wear and women’s wear was taught during the training. The course helped the women to acquire the skills in a more professional manner. An examination was also conducted after the course to assess the skills acquired by the candidates. Certificates were issued to all the candidates who completed the course successfully.

There were five candidates from a remote tribal village known as Thondamanallur about 60 kilometers away from the place of training. After knowing the interest of the women to learn sewing, we provided an opportunity for them to attend the course by providing the cost for their transport, lunch and materials required for learning. They completed the course successfully. To appreciate their interest and to help them to earn for their living, Nandri provided sewing machines for them.