25.03.19, 13:56

Von Nandri geförderter 12jähriger Irular-Junge gewinnt den 3. Platz im Schreibwettbewerb

Palayamuthu is a 12 year old student from Sirupinayur village in Tamil Nadu. He is one of the brightest children from irula community. His parents are illiterates and very poor. Father goes for wood cutting and for agricultural labour that could not provide regular income to feed the four member family properly.

But Palayamuthu and his brother are very bright and brilliant. They made use of the opportunities provided by Nandri through its special tuition, motivation and an evening meal  that showed tremendous improvement in their education and extracurricular activities. Palayamuthu participated in a district level essay competition and won third prize.

He solved a crossword puzzle published in a reputed children’s magazine and won cash prize. He is an example that If children from impoverished environment are provided with opportunities, they could achieve great progress in their life.

Palaymuthu Cross word winner.jpg